Step to be followed to prepare the spicy mayo recipe

Many people are interested in doing the various kinds of recipes in the home itself and you can also prepare the spicy mayo recipe at home in a simple way within a short time. The spicy mayo recipe can be made by various methods such as you can use by scratch, vegan or horseradish and it can be made as sauce which is added on the sandwich or any burger or any other dishes. You can also make the egg less spicy mayo recipe which is easy to prepare within simple procedure. The easy spicy mayo recipe can be made by using the ingredients are:

  • Chili sauce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Lemon juice

The mayonnaise is already prepared before making the recipe and adds the mayo in the bowl and adds the chili sauce in the bowl and mixes it well together until it is completely mixed. Some people prefer spicier in the recipe, so you can taste the mixture and if you need spicier you can add the chili powder in the mixture for spiciness. There are no streaks in the mixture while whistling and the color of the mixture must be uniform and add the lemon juice in the spicy mayo because if the mixture is more spicy. The lemon juice of the mixture is hard and mixes it in the hot sauce until it gets rough, after preparing the mixture you must refrigerate the mixture by covering the top of the sauce bowl with the plastic cover. The mixture must be refrigerate until the 5 days and make hole in the cover, which helps to apply the sauce in dish before eating.

The spicy mayo recipe can be prepared by using adobo sauce in chili

Another method to prepare the spicy mayo recipe is stirring up simply chipotle mayo by using the ingredients are: 

  • Adobo sauce  in chili
  • Mayonnaise 
  • Adobo sauce

In this recipe we use the adobo sauce which is one of the chili type ingredients which is commonly used in the Asian cooking. Mix the chili and the adobo sauce of adobo until it gets combined well and store it in the air container. To style the spicy mayo recipe look then you must chop the chili powder which is the easiest way of preparing the spicy mayo recipe which is egg less recipe made with more spiciness. You can add the different flavor to change the color variation of the sauce and if you want to prepare the recipe with egg then you must use the pasteurized egg which gives the taste of the mayo recipe different. You can also make the adobo sauce along with the chili by mixing the chili in the sauce which gives the spicy taste in the mixture. The spicy mayo recipe can be for various dishes and the ingredients added in the recipe will give a delicious taste and the recipe must be refrigerating to improve the spiciness of the recipe.

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